Hardwood Chip

Typical uses:Outdoor, play areas, walkways and Wildlife

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Product specifications

Product Specifications

  • Produced from a variety of coniferous hardwood with minimal softwood content
  • Over 95% of particles pass through a 5mm mesh sieve whilst negligible quantities (less than 5%) are retained on a 8mm mesh sieve
  • Wood content of 99%+ Moisture content in the region of 45-65% (green weight basis), subject to seasonal variations
  • The weight/volume ratio (bulk density) is normally in the range of 250-350kg/m3
  • The pH range is between 4.5 and 5.5
  • All practical measures are taken to remove foreign matter such as metal, glass, plastic and any other extraneous materials Grey/white to pale yellow in colour with a typically dry woody odour
  • Durable, long lasting and free from pathogens, pests and weed seeds