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Lowther Endowed Primary School and Clifton Primary School are both located within a 5 mile radius of A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products’ Head Office in Cumbria.

In recent weeks, A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products have supported the local community by visiting and supplying bark products to Clifton Primary School and Lowther Endowed Primary School.

Clifton Primary School is based within the same village as A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products’ Head Office in Cumbria. As part of one of their school topics, the pupils of Clifton Primary School were given a presentation on the wood-cycle to further their knowledge of the local forestry activities A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products are involved in.

The school also took part in a competition to design an A.W. Jenkinson Transport Limited ‘walking floor’ trailer. The pupils can be seen pictured above with their designs, with the winning design set to be incorporated onto the side of a real-life ‘walking-floor’ trailer.

Lowther Endowed Primary School were presented bark products from A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products; these were delivered on the back of an A.W. Jenkinson Transport Limited ‘FL Wagon’ for the use as part of their new pathway within the school grounds, leading to the schools play house and storytelling area.